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Compact VoIP PBX System Elastix


Compact Latest VoIP PBX Server

Enjoy the latest in features and technology with out feature-rich compact size PBX server. This is the smallest PBX to date. It offers blazing fast performance and reliablity. Ideal for an office size of 10 phone lines. Available for local install in Springfield, Alexandria, Arlington, Virginia, Maryland, and DC with the purchase of our business class VoIP phone server.

  • HD Quality Voice
  • Compact
  • Low Energy Consumption
  • Fast & Reliable
  • Compact Size

    We believe in innovation! Feature-rich yet compact size for your modern office phone service.

    Eco Energency Efficient

    Enjoy the eco friendly low power consumption PBX for your business office phone service and save on your energy bill.

    Small Business Ready

    If you are a business of one or a business of ten, enjoy uninterrupted and reliable service with our latest business phone server.